Be ready to spread the word whether or not the time is right.
Point out errors, warn people, and encourage them.
Be very patient when you teach.

(2 Timothy 4:2 GWT)

Exalt the Messiah as Lord in your lives.
Always be prepared to give a defense to everyone
who asks you to explain the hope you have.

(1 Peter 3:15 ISV)

This website is Not about Religion. It is about the relationship you have with the Messiah, the Lord. It is about the hope that is in you. And how you can, and should, share that word, that “letter”, or that message with others around you, in about 5 minutes time! Some call this 5 minute prepared message (story) simply “Letters 1:13”, “Messages 1:13”, “1st Stories 1:13”, “Messiah 1:13” or “Yeshua 1:13“. We call it our “One13 Letter”. It is YOUR One13 Letter so call it what you want!

“Have you got 5 minutes?
Let me tell you about Yeshua 1:13.
it was left out of most Bibles!”

You are demonstrating that you are the Messiah’s letter,
produced by our service,
written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God,
not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.

(2 Corinthians 3:3 ISV)

We true (scripture following) disciples (students of the Messiah) have entered into “an exchanged life” where we have become Letters of the Messiah, to the rest of the world. Your One13 Letter is actually an invitation to others to do the same as you did. It is that simple.

“Did you hear about ‘Letters 1:13?’
It’s verse you won’t fine in any English Bible…
I can tell you the story in just 5 minutes!”

Sort of like when you see a movie you really like, you tell your friends about it. You tell your friends because you love your friends, not because you get paid by the theater! (You don’t right?) You do it simply because you love your friends and you want to tell them about something good! How cool is that!

But this is way cooler, because this is real life!

You are letting them in on a big secret, how to have and live a wonderful exchanged life, just like you figured out!

So we are going to help you write Your One13 Letter! Note the word your, this is personal. When you tell people what happened to you, it is personal! Your Story. Your Personal Story Wr One13 will give you tips on how to write your One13 message, it is easy. Then how to practice it alone, then with other One13 friends, then finally how to deliver your One13 message to the world, one friend at a time! Actually that is quite easy to do…

One13 (pronounced either “One-One-Three” or “One-Thirteen”) is a simple, Non-Religious Organization that helps true disciples of Yeshua the Messiah (“Jesus the Christ” if you prefer his made up, religious name in English. “Messiah ‘Isa” if you have been a student of the Qur’an.) to be ready to spread the good news (called the “Gospel” or “Injil” by some, but most people do not understand that word!).

Religious people might call the One13 Letter “A five-minute, personal salvation testimony!” Geeze is this some kind of court of law where you are hauled into court to testify? If you told your friends about the movie “Star Wars”, did you say “I have a five minute personal testimony of the review of the movie Star Wars!” If someone told me that, friend or not, I would walk away!

Actually most religious people have a real problem writing a One13 Letter.  Many think it needs to be a long winded sermon, like they hear on Sunday in their religious institution.  Others think it has to have all kinds of religious words like, thee, thou, ye, blessed, born-again, saved, sanctified, and righteous.  Actually, most religious people do not know exactly what these words mean and most regular people have no idea!

When writing your One13 Letter it is better to just use regular words that everyone can understand.

Why do we call it the One13 Letter?

It is actually quite simple.  The One13 Letter is just the story about how you entered into an “exchange life” (become born-again)! We exchanged our old life, the one we messed up, for God’s life, a life that we yield control to God.

Therefore, if anyone is in the Messiah, he is a new creation.
Old things have disappeared, and – look! – all things have become new!

(2 Corinthians 5:17 ISV)

Remember One-One-Three (One13 or One-1-3!). We are writing this in a letter, but think about telling your story to a friend… (Remember you are telling or speaking your story…)

  1. One Minute of how your life was before you invited Yeshua (Jesus, ‘Isa) to be your Messiah.
  2. One Minute of what you did to receive Messiah Yeshua and make him the Lord of your life.
  3. Three Minutes of how your life is now.  What does  Messiah Yeshua do for you?  How does the Scripture help you live better now?

It is in plain common language.

We will go into more detain, elsewhere on this site, but that is the basics of the One13 Letter.  We hope you will soon begin to work on your own One13 Letter and begin to share the good news of what God has done in your life.

If you send us your real name and your own One13 Letter, we will post it on our blog in order to inspire and encourage others.

Thank You!

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